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Digital business card system for

companies and organizations

Step into the future of networking with MeCard, the premier digital business card platform in Israel tailor-made for enterprises and organizations. Revolutionize how your team connects by crafting personalized digital business cards that not only elevate your sales and customer service game but also significantly boost your employer's brand and the overall employee experience. Don't let your organization lag in the analog past; join us at MeCard and lead the way in digital connectivity and professional engagement

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    Advantages of the MeCard system for companies

    Each employee creates the card himself

    Streamline setup with automated onboarding. Quick, easy card creation for employees, minus the hassle.

    Personal branding

    Boosts employee-company bonds, enriching the brand with authenticity, humanity, and trust.

    Connection to your company domain

    Showcase cards on your company's domain for a sleek, professional look.

    Performance monitoring

    Track engagement with MeCard's analytics - views, contacts, social network visits, and more, all at a glance.

    Design and user experience

    Cards match your branding, ensuring a consistent user experience on all web platforms

    Easy and simple management and control

    Manage digital cards effortlessly with our cloud system, where every employee can personalize their card

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    MECARD App

    Enables automated card distribution

    Transform your networking with MeCard.
    Instantly share your digital business card via
    WhatsApp or SMS at the end of a call, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect. Missed calls? Automatically respond with an SMS.

    Our app includes a one-click floating button during calls for effortless card sharing, elevating both service and sales processes. MeCard is your ultimate automation ally in the digital age.

     *The application is available for smartphones based on the Android operating system only

    Our Packages

    Discover the perfect package for the digital presence of your employees

    10-30 Cards

    Bronze Package

    The recommended package for small companies to streamline and improve sales processes, service and more.

    31-50 Cards


    The recommended package for medium-sized companies to improve sales, service and employer branding.

    51-100 Cards


    The recommended package for large companies that want to take their current activities one step further.

    100+ Cards


    The best package with all the good things we have to offer and much more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The MeCard digital business card system allows for the establishment of a personal online presence quickly and cost-effectively.

    It enhances employee loyalty to the company/organization (employer branding) and serves as an efficient tool for networking, providing information to potential and existing clients, thereby directly boosting sales. Additionally, the card is designed according to the organization/company's marketing language to ensure a consistent user experience across all internet platforms. It displays all contact details and relevant additional information in one place, in a professional and user-friendly manner.

    MeCard digital business cards is a service powered by Adarim Digital Marketing Company. the firm offers campaign management services in PPC, SEO, website development, and more, with over 10 years of experience.

    We specialize in managing advertising budgets and sponsored campaigns on Google, utilizing the most advanced technological tools, and covering areas from social network management, e-commerce, search engine optimization, to digital business cards.

    Absolutely! We can create personalized connectivity to your CRM system to enable automation and smooth operation with the system for service, sales needs, and more.

    The MeCard digital business card system is a unique development that enables the creation of cards through an easy, simple, and quick onboarding process, advanced data security, connection to your domain, options for independent management and control over the cards, a permission management system, the ability to create different cards for various departments within the organization, unique design in the company's marketing language, performance tracking, a dedicated app for smartphones (Android), and more.

    MeCard is the first in Israel to provide a holistic and comprehensive solution for digital business cards, with a focus on companies and organizations.

    We are an experienced company that has completed numerous projects, providing security both at the system level and in terms of server infrastructure.

    At the server level, there's a hardware WAF, as well as an Enterprise-grade software WAF, plus flash international DDOS protection. Additionally, our servers are always updated with the latest patches and are backed up daily.

    At the card system level, we use HTTPS protocol, and every system access requires two-factor authentication (2FA), along with intrusion detection efforts. The system itself is protected by anti-malware that performs scans and blocks access from suspicious IP addresses.

    It's also possible to create a random address for a card/a card address with a random code, and choose whether the cards will be exposed to various search engines like Google.

    Recognizing that an employee's personal branding strengthens the company's brand and adds value, along with the concept of sending a marketing information card that contributes to the marketing and sales apparatus, the idea emerged to integrate this format in companies. Personal branding for companies, from small to large, can be expressed together with the company's employees, serving as a significant and personal communication channel at the sales level often. This can apply to all company employees in general, and especially to salespeople and customer service representatives.

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